About me I am a person who found in web development the right way to realize itself.

I am a freelance web developer who operate since 2007. I collaborate with private people and, most of all, with companies of IT area and other areas. I especially work with PHP programming, with MySql database. I also work in front end development, using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, with all the most recent technologies.

I collaborate with the best web specialists, to obtain the ready product.


Search engine optimization

Web Design

Graphic design of the whole site

Content writing

Under client request, chance to create the coolest texts for your sites

Website creation

Cooperating with the best web specialists, creation of your site, either a simple site or a blog, an e-commerce or or any others web based application, from start until the finished product. I can recommend for the success of your product, before and after the deployment.


List of services who I offer to my customers.

PHP Programmer and Developer

PHP is a server side programming language, that means it is elaborate by a web server (Apache, nginx, IIS...) that build it in HTML + CSS + JavaScript, languages which every browser can read. The server-side programming is necessary if you want to create a site which you can modify by an administration panel, because it take the data from a database, it elaborate them and it return them as a user readable data, by his browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, ecc.). PHP is the server side programming language most popular in the world. The version which I use at the moment is PHP5.

Database MySql creation

MySql is database management system which make a perfect couple with PHP. Part of my job is the creation of databases based on MySql

Programmer-developer in LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP)

The best environment in which create PHP and MySql based applications. But also the best environment for every website. A very good warranty of safety!

HTML5 developer

HTML 5 is the latest evolution of HTML language. It is the new standard per the web but not only. It is used, matched with JavaScript, for the creation of hybrid applications for all the mobile operating systems. With HTML5 the use of the Flash plugin will be soon useless, to see movies and listen audio on the internet.

CSS3 developer

The latest version of cascading style sheets, CSS3, its knowledge is now needed for every web programmer or mobile app developer. They allow to do a qualitative leap in the web design, to reduce the number of images in the site creation and in for animations.

Smarty developer

Smarty is a template engine, that is an engine to create templates. It completely separate the PHP code from the HTML code, allowing in this way each role in company to work only in the side of his expertise (the developer for PHP, the designer for HTML+Smarty) . Coming soon I will provide the service to develop with Twig, that make the same job of Smarty.

jQuery library knowledge

jQuery eases the JavaScript developing, reducing the code and speeding the coding operation. Any web operator must know it.

Bootstrap Framework knowledge

Bootstrap is a set of HTML, CSS and JavaScript elements ,which allows the realization of graphical interfaces in a fast and intuitive way.

Creation web applications (software web-based) Valencia

Benefits of web-based applications:

  • Use on any operating system, both desktop and mobile;
  • Use at any place in the world where you have a web connection. At any time of day or night;
  • Use by multiple users with different access levels;
  • Maximum scalability and customization in a short time;
  • They do not require installation;
  • Costs and construction times much shorter compared to desktop solutions;

I realize in particular:

  • Creating management software, customized to the customer's request:
    • Creating Catalog Manager
    • Creating Warehouse Management
    • Creating software for import / export / communication between ecommerce websites and desktop software for accounting, in particular:
      • Import / Export orders;
      • import / export products;
      • import / export customers.
  • ticketing software creation (customer support)
  • Whatever the customer's request

Web services development

Advanced knowledge of Google Maps API.
Proven experience in the use of Amazon API.
Proven experience in the use of Ebay API.


Below my contacts

PHP / MySql programmer, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3. Contact me by the form beneath for information and estimates.


Gabbi Claudio - Calle Benicarl├│, 27-5-38
46020 Valencia (Espa├▒a)

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